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Tres Quebradas, Peru - 12 Cups
Hasty Coffee

Tres Quebradas, Peru - 12 Cups

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Smooth, Bold and Easy Drinking

Current Comfort Instant Coffee

Tres Quebradas, Peru - Transcend Coffee

Hailing from Peru's Santa Rosa region, Tres Quebradas is one lot of coffee produced by 11 farmers that go by the name "El Diamante". This is a washed processed coffee made of 5 different varieties: Catuai, Pache, Catimor, Bourbon, and Caturra. Look for warm notes of Nectarine, Tamarind, and Milk Chocolate.

Clean Cut and Comfortable.

We designed this box for anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth, well rounded cup. These coffees won't shock your taste buds awake with mouthwatering acidity. What they will do is welcome you into a new day with approachable flavour. The Comfort Box really is like a hug in a cup! 

We hope that wherever you enjoy this cup; whether you're sitting at home enjoying the stillness of the morning, or gathered around a campfire with friends, that this coffee makes you happy to be there.

Enjoy the Wonderful World of Coffee!