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Alasitas Coco Natural - Bolivia

Alasitas Coco Natural - Bolivia

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Strawberry, Cherry, Pinot Noir

Current Adventure Coffee

Alasitas Coco Natural - Monogram Coffee - Calgary, AB

Alasitas is the largest of the 12 farms owned by the Rodriguez family, who run Agricafe in Bolivia. Agricafe actively works to revitalize the Bolivian coffee industry by training farmers to produce top quality coffees with scientific methods and modern farming techniques as well as planting their own farms.

This fantastic natural coffee comes from a farm just outside the town of Carnavi in Bolivia. The climate at 1600m facilitates slow maturation of the coffee cherry which concentrates the sugars in the fruit leading to a sweeter cup of coffee. In the coco natural process, the coffee is slowly dried in coco dryers to evenly dry the coffee and avoid funky off-flavors leading to a very clean natural coffee.

Look for notes of Strawberry, Cherry, and Pinot Noir.

A Coffee For the Wanderer or the Connoisseur 

The adventure series is designed for coffee drinkers looking to experience coffee beyond the typical chocolatey, nutty and roasty flavours of traditional coffee. These coffees are often bright, fruity and floral, occasionally showcasing uncommon origins and processes.

If you want to experience a unique and interesting coffee, these are best enjoyed black.


Enjoy the Wonderful World of Coffee!

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