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About Us

What Is Hasty coffee?

Simply put, we make instant specialty coffee that doesn't taste anything like instant coffee. With the help of some incredible Canadian roasters, we make small batches of single origin coffee and process them in to a high quality powder that preserves the original flavour and aromatics of each coffee.

Why Do We Do It?

Making great specialty coffee consistently can prove to be a very challenging task for a lot of people. After talking with hundreds of home coffee brewers frustrated by their lack of brewing success we decided that there must be a way to make specialty coffee more accessible without trading quality for convenience.

With 6 years of coffee experience at award winning cafe's we've learned a thing or two about making great coffee. We've decided to do all the hard work for you by crystallizing small batches of specialty grade coffee into a form that's quick, consistent and ready to drink without sacrificing the quality. 

Now whether you're camping, flying, or you just woke up and don't feel like making a pour over at 5 am, you can have great coffee. Just add water!

Yeah... But Doesn't Instant Coffee Taste Terrible?

Normally instant coffee tastes terrible. But we do things differently. Commodity coffee brands use low quality coffee blends, roast it until it's dark, bland, and soluble. Then they brew the coffee with aggressive extraction machines that use incredibly hot temperatures and high pressures to draw every last bit of coffee from the ground beans. This yields a bitter, over-extracted sludgy concentrate that is then put into a giant evaporator and boiled down into a paste which is then frozen, ground into little pellets and shot out of a spray nozzle into an incredibly hot chamber that evaporates the remaining amount of water upon entry. Sometimes, even chemicals and fillers are used to further increase the product yield. Talk about yuck.

We start with high quality single-origin coffees from coffee roasters that put a lot of work in to carefully and ethically sourcing coffees from peak growing regions and skilled farmers. Then we grind and brew the coffees gently with our proprietary process, only extracting the best part of the coffee. Then our coffees are slowly freeze dried to sublimate the water from the coffee without exposing it to high heat. Our process yields a powder that maintains its original flavour and aroma. Coffee and Water are the only ingredients used in our process.

Is This Coffee Ethically Sourced?

If you spend any time working in the specialty coffee industry, you'll soon learn that all of these "certifications" and "alliances" have made forward progress by creating a basic payment standard for coffee sourcing but they are also used by giant corporations to whitewash their supply chains and hide what's really going on. They do not guarantee anything close to "fair" compensation for farmers, especially after all of the middle-men in the supply chain skim what they want off the top.

Honest roasters will tell you openly about how their coffee is sourced. Larger roasters with more resources can afford to buy their coffee directly from farmers, sending their own buyers to do a handshake deal so that the farmers get their share and the importers and processing stations get theirs. Often smaller roasters simply can't justify the costs of that business model so they choose to work with trustworthy importers who work directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure they are paid properly for their coffee.

It's important to us that we can trust our partners to source their coffees to the best of their ability with the resources they have available. We wont parade around the idea that we have a solution for sustainability in the coffee supply chain but we will work to provide as much transparency as we can from farm to cup.


Don't Drink Bad Coffee. Drink Hasty!

No matter where you are, just add water and you've got a great coffee. When you're flying, camping, staring out the window on an uninviting winter morning, or dreading the thought of drinking pre-ground coffee while your visiting your relatives, we've got you covered! Instant specialty coffee from great Canadian roasters. Anywhere. Anytime.

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