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About Us

Bad Coffee Is Everywhere.

You can find bad coffee anywhere in the world for a couple bucks. If you're lucky though, you walk into some hole in the wall in the middle of a trendy developing community, walk around the corner to see two generally unimpressed looking college students, sporting a LaMarzocco espresso machine, producing some of the finest coffee you'll ever taste. You buy a bag of beans to brew at home and when you do, it's terrible. It's sour, weak and bland. So you do the research and set yourself up with a water filter, burr grinder and your barista approved brewing method of choice. Over time it improves, you have some great cups and some not so great cups. You may even find great joy in making it! But sometimes... it's exhausting. You can't take all this stuff with you when you're on the go, and often just wish you could drink good coffee without a 15 minute wait time or a drive downtown. You wonder if anyone else knows how hard it is to make a pour-over un-caffeinated first thing in the morning?

What Do We Know About Good Coffee?

Our in house coffee expert and Co-Founder Ben McGaghey, has spent the last four years working for award-winning Canadian coffee companies including Rosso Coffee Roasters and Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters. He started Hasty Coffee to bring his passion for incredible coffees to every day coffee drinkers. He's running product development, production and quality control to ensure our coffees are tasting how they were intended to.

We Make Fantastic Instant Coffee So You Can Relax.

A year ago we started working on a great solution by making Instant Specialty Coffee. We've partnered with some really great Canadian roasters and created our own special brewing method to bring you fantastic ready to go coffee offerings. All you need to do is add water and you've got a great single-origin coffee that showcases the natural flavours that coffee has to offer without tasting over-roasted, over-extracted, and stale like commodity spray-dried instant coffees.

Instant Coffee Usually Tastes Like Sadness In a Cup Doesn't It?

Usually yeah, but we do it different. It all starts with great coffees, these coffees are grown at high elevations by hardworking farmers and field labourers and then purchased ethically by talented Canadian roasters who sell to us. We take these great coffees and brew them with our proprietary process then freeze dry them in small batches to preserve their quality and freshness. This all makes a high quality instant coffee powder you can be proud to drink.

What Do We Mean By Ethical?

It's a pretty contentious issue in the coffee world. What do you mean by ethical and what do all of these "certifications" and "alliances" mean? Quite simply most of the advertised sustainability claims are disingenuous and misleading. Often they'll mean something along the lines of farmers being paid the lowest legal amount possible for their coffee and that being somehow sustainable. Think of it as a minimum wage for farmers.

Honest roasters will tell you openly about how their coffee is sourced. Some larger roasters with more resources can afford to buy their coffee directly from farmers, sending their own buyers to do a handshake deal so the farmers get all of the money. Some smaller roasters simply can't justify the costs of that business model so they choose to work with importers who work directly with farmers and cooperatives to ensure they are paid properly for their coffee. Sustainability is important for several reasons including:

1. We care about the wellbeing of farmers and their field labourers because they are people. People who are also working very hard to grow these great coffees.

2. When you maintain a good relationship with farmers it gives you the opportunity to work with them and help them improve their growing and processing techniques.

Don't Drink Bad Coffee. Drink Hasty!

No matter where you are, just add some hot water and you've got a great coffee. When you're flying, camping, staring out the window on an uninviting winter morning, or dreading the thought of pre-ground coffee while your visiting your relatives, we've got you covered! Great Roasters. Great Instant Coffee. Anywhere. Anytime. Hasty!