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Frank Torres, Columbia
Hasty Coffee

Frank Torres, Columbia

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Frank Torres - Columbia - David Kim Coffee

From David Kim's Duvixe Series, this brilliant Maracaturra variety coffee is another Resposado processed coffee from Frank Torres at Finca La Indonesia in Columbia's Narinõ region. Resposado process coffees are washed, dried and left to rest for a month before removing the final parchment skin from the green coffee.

This coffee is incredibly unique, tart and yet sweet like a perfect berry crumble. Enjoy it black or however you like it. This coffee is bound to make you crave another sip.

Look for tasting notes of Blackberry, Grape and Vanilla 

Every exceptional coffee has a story.

It begins on a farm in a developing nation where it's grown at a high elevation in nutrient rich soil. Then it's cherries are picked individually, fermented, de-pulped and dried by skilled workers and shipped and stored carefully. Roasters are then charged with the task of creating exactly the right roast profile to highlight the natural flavour of the coffee, releasing the potential of thousands of flavor and aromatic compounds. We've had the opportunity to take one of these fantastic coffee's and prepare them for you to enjoy in an ready to drink format. Just Add Water!

This box is designed to showcase what we feel is an exceptional coffee. We hope you'll find these coffee's to be an instant classic.

Enjoy the Wonderful World of Coffee!