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Juice Box *New Coffee*
Juice Box *New Coffee*
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Juice Box *New Coffee*

Juice Box *New Coffee*

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Fruity, Juicy, and Sweet 


Francy Castillo - Colombia 

Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Cream Soda, Milk Chocolate

Farmer: Francy Castillo - El Ubérrimo

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Colombia

Process: Natural Process - 100-120 Hour Fermentation In Tanks

Importer: Apex Imports


THE JUICE: Natural process coffees dry ferment the coffee beans while still inside of the cherry instead of using water to remove the coffee cherries prior to drying. Often the natural yeasts wreak havoc and create woody, bad-funk coffee. When this process is carefully managed though, the natural yeasts of the coffee fruit can create intense fruity compounds like esters that smell and taste very different from a traditional washed coffee. These Juicy beans may not be everyones cup of coffee, but they are a unique experience. We think they're worth the effort!

We look for delicious, clean fermentation natural coffees all the time to bring you something unique. This coffee from Francy Castillo is mind-blowing. As soon as we cupped it we knew it had "The Juice".

Stay Sweet.

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