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Gilberto Rojas EA Decaf - 25 Cup Decaf Bulk Pack

Gilberto Rojas EA Decaf - 25 Cup Decaf Bulk Pack

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Decaffeinated, Delicious

Current Decaf Coffee

Gilberto Rojas, Columbia - Lark Coffee Roasters

Our first release from our friends at Lark Coffee Roasters, this Columbia variety is decaffeinated through the Ethyl Acetate (Sugar Cane) process. EA is a naturally occurring ester found in many fruits and sugars. The coffee is steamed and EA is used to draw out the caffeine from the coffee over the course of 8 hours. Many coffee professionals including ourselves, find Ethyl Acetate decaffeination to be the tastiest of all decaf processes.

Gilberto Rojas is the 2015 Columbia cup of excellence winner and has been farming coffee for 40 years at Finca La Florida in Acevedo, Columbia.

A Coffee For Any Time Of Day.

The decaf box aims to bring decaf coffees that have high cup quality and exceptional flavour. Whether caffeine doesn't agree with you or you enjoy a late night cup, these decaf coffees are sure to please!

Organic Processing: Swiss Water, Mountain Water, and Sugar Cane (Ethyl Acetate) are organic decaffeination processes that maintain the coffees flavour after decaffeination leaving you with a fantastic, clean cup of coffee you can enjoy any time of day.

Enjoy the Wonderful World of Decaf Coffee!

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