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Neja Fadil, Ethiopia - 4 Cups
Hasty Coffee

Neja Fadil, Ethiopia - 4 Cups

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Bright, Fruity and Floral

Current Adventurous Coffee

Neja Fadil, Ethiopia - Rabbit Hole Roasters

Ethiopia is the motherland of Arabica coffee and the home of some of the most interesting coffees in the world. Hailing from the Neja Fadil Wet Mill in Ethiopia's Guji region, this heirloom coffee is the poster-child for interesting coffee. You'll find both delicate florals with big fruit flavor. Look for notes of peach, jasmine, honey, and red currant.

A Coffee For the Wanderer or the Connoisseur 

Did you know that coffee starts as a cherry? Arabica species coffee is fruity by nature. Sometimes poor growing conditions, low altitudes, and terrible roasting technique can mask the potential flavours of a beautiful coffee. On the other hand sometimes you get a cup of coffee that tastes more like juice than what you'd expect coffee to taste like. Sometimes coffee's are processed naturally or with funky extended fermentations and yield really interesting flavours. The Adventure Box is for those who love black coffee. It's for people who want to explore great flavours, uncommon processes, and even new origins as an easy and consistent cup.

We hope this coffee takes you somewhere you've never been before.


Enjoy the Wonderful World of Coffee!